What is Trunk Block?

How many times have you arrived home from grocery shopping only to find your purchases scattered all over the trunk of your car? Even to the deepest corner, meaning you have to practically climb into the trunk? That doesn’t have to happen anymore! Get your Trunk Blocks. Load your items in, packed tightly together in a corner. Block them in! The Velcro sticks to the trunk lining and the shape of the blocks keeps your items in place. Your items will stay put until you take them out!

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Trunk Block Demonstration

Our Customers Love Trunk Block!

I’ve used these Trunk Blocks several times and let me tell YOU! These are awesome at keeping my stuff safe in place! They are Velcro, which makes them ideal for using them to keep items like milk, two liters, flower pots, or in my case a bag of full flower vases, and other odds and ends from tipping over in the trunk.
- Joy
I have been in the automotive parts manufacturing and assembly business for over 27 years. In that time I have come across many “gimmicks” that claim this and that. I’m here to tell you that Trunk Block is the real deal. I use mine all the time and they have never let me down yet. I have used them to hold washer fluid containers, bowling balls, groceries, etc. In my career as a Quality Manager for an automotive parts.
- Mike

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