Our Story

Picture of the founder of Trunk Block holding a Trunk Block

Trunk Blocks were created all because of a half bottle of windshield washer fluid. Growing up in Michigan, almost every driver has a bottle of washer fluid in their trunk rattling around. The weather here really changes a lot, rain in the morning and snow in the afternoon. Almost anything can happen in the evening. The idea started to come together when I found a piece of covered foam in my trunk with a tiny strip of attached Velcro. I put it against the washer fluid and it stayed in place! It was a light bulb moment and Trunk Blocks were born.

I blame my father because he always made my brother and I think carefully before we took on a task. He was the old dude in garage figuring ways to get a team of work done with just two boys. I hated it at the time, but I thank him now because he is the reason my mind works the way it does today. My background was in broadcasting which I did for over 20 years and during that time inventing things was always a part of my life, thanks again Dad.

I made and sold Blocks for a few years then forgot about it while I moved on to other projects. Then about 5 years ago my mom found a bag of them in the basement and said she needed a pair and if I wanted the others. The first Blocks were much smaller, and they were foam covered in a corduroy style material, yes, I said corduroy. Funny I know, but they still worked, after sitting in a bag for years they still worked just as good as the day I made them!

Customers Are Attached to their Trunk Blocks!

I get feedback on what I like to call “Trunk Block stories” all the time. Here’s one I like to tell. I have a friend who left her blocks in the car when she turned in her lease vehicle. I told her I’d get her another pair, but she wouldn’t have it, she wanted “that” pair. It took her two weeks of phone calls and follow ups, but she chased down her blocks and got them back. It really makes me smile to know that’s how people feel about our product once they use it.

Proudly Made in the Motor City

Trunk Blocks are made in Michigan but more important to us is all the elements that bring this product together come from the Detroit metro area “The Motor City” and I'm very proud of that. Detroit Sewn™ assembles and sews the blocks together and I wouldn't have gotten to this point without them.

We Want to Hear Your Stories

If you drive, ride or transport anything in your vehicle then this is the product for you and everyone you know. Thank you in advance and we can't wait to hear your Trunk Block stories too.